Jul 042014

Hey gang, we here at Jacquiqui Inc have a handsome new batch of jbcomedy.net thumb-drives.

Here’s what’s on the USB:

- 1 professionally filmed Melbourne International Comedy Festival headline set.

- 7Gb free storage for your porn or illegal downloads.

- Free entry to any comedy festival or Fringe solo show of mine in any city in Australia until Jan 1st 2018 (so long as the show isn’t already sold out) 

Such a sweet deal, and it’s only $20 bucks (plus 2 bucks postage)

Click on the PayPal button below….. Here’s a taste… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn-wpB00Yro

It’s totes legit, I’ve already sent out a bunch and everyone received em and they’re all pumped.



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